In my loneliness I can create ... in my inner world I find myself to reunite and reintegrate the Spirit, the Mind and the Soul.

Creating is a gesture of love that reflects the same will of the Universal Consciousness from which I take my inspiration to realize a reality of Love that in every moment vivifies the entire Universe.

In the impalpable reality of the Real Dream, now I can compose the Melody in the world of matter to unite them in a single point from which the Consciousness of the whole Creation is born.

This is a commitment dedicated to myself and all that I am and that is. Now I want to become an integral and loyal man ... a man always present and conscious in everything he creates and experiences in every moment of his life.

I feel part of the Great Project of the Creative Force that permeates everything and that is in Everything.

I would like to donate the Pure Melody that resides in my uncontaminated heart ... the Heart of Life.

The melodies enclosed in the music come from an impalpable, intangible world, from a world in which everything is in harmony and from there, the melodies move into the world of matter to be able to be transformed into vibrations, emotions and sensations which have no connotation of space-temporal, but they belong to the whole Universe.

Now, more than ever, I would like to share the world of melodies with you ... with anyone who has the desire to enter in the creative universe of melodic music.